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That's me Vinzenz Mellentin - a historian, photographer, and artist.

Whilst working as a city guide in Berlin for 5 years, I discovered 1001 photogenic places. Since then, I have decided to pursue what I like doing most: „framing stories" - i.e. taking pictures and creating videos of and for other artists and people with passion projects.  Perhaps your project could be next!

I’m an artist through and through and the more out of the ordinary your idea or project, the more excited I will be to help you produce something special! Just contact me and I’ll look forward to working with you.  You can watch my latest music videos and short films on youtube.


"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - African proverb

When coordinating and producing smaller projects it is recommendable to only use one source. This is not only faster, but it keeps the costs at bay. 1001 Berlin provides not only the team but also the entire professional technology from camera to lighting and tripods – releasing you from any rental fees. A professional cameraman or DP is indispensable for every project. Here, experience and skill cannot be replaced by technology. However, stylists, gaffers, and catering are not always needed. Many years of experience show that motivation, determination, and also the fun on set are increased when not many do a little, but a few do a lot.



Not having to look for the right people first, is a big advantage. 1001Berlin works with an experienced team of colorists, make-up artists, stylists, copywriters, speakers, actors, dancers, and models. Additionally, photo and sound studios can be rented at reasonable rates if your project requires so!


Last but not least:

Even the smallest project with 1001Berlin can be the founding moment for a lifelong partnership. A handy contact that will connect you with the right international experts at any time.

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